Land Registry Compliant Lease and Title Plans


 We adhere to the standards of lands and registry act 2002 as transposed into British law by the Housing Act 2004. Practice guide 40: guide overview of Land Registry plans. Please visit their website for more information
Your lease or title plan will be standard showing the boundary extent of your property. This will include a
Scaled Drawing/Plan: This is a detailed drawing in plan-view showing details as they appear on site on the date and time our surveyor visited your property showing, for example names such bedroom, kitchen, WC/toilets, stores, rear or front gardens, yard, road names, office, car park, lift, treatment room to mention but a few. Floor levels namely basement, ground, first, second floors and roof terrace specifically. Any additional details can be added at request.
Red Edging/Demise: this will show the extent of the boundary of your property on a scaled plan and ordinance survey map.
Any edging/Colouring/Hatching: We can generally include any details at your request.
North Point: This indicates the orientation of the lease plan and ordinance survey map to the true north.
Scale Bar: Indicating the actual scale of the drawing and may come in scales of 1/100 for smaller properties increasing to 1/2500 for larger properties Depending on the size and requirement.
Ordinance Survey Map: plans will include a slice of the ordinance survey map normally scaled to 1/1250 with sufficient detail of landmarks generally showing physical features specific to the location of your property/plot   showing road names, plot numbers and site boundaries.
Title Bar: Showing the correct full address details of your property, the scale used in the drawing, layout names, date, our unique reference number and company logo.
Your Title plan in general will include most of the above details with the ordinance survey map on a larger scale of 1/1250 and above.
Energy Proficiency Certificates - EPCs
We carry-out precise measured surveys of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and any building structures in the UK. After a site visit, we will produce accurate 2D AutoCad drawings of floor Plans, cross Sections, Elevations as well as representation of ceiling grid, window sill, door width and height, beam and columns heights/levels. Our plans can be used for space planning and architectural services
An Energy Proficiency Certificate (EPC) is a guide that would-be buyers or tenants would find very useful about a property. It shows how efficiently a home uses energy, the cost of running a home and recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

The certificate typically rates a property's energy efficiency from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. 
When our qualified and accredited assessors visit your property they will gather and record the required information needed to produce an EPC certificate.

For more information please visit GOV.UK
Energy Performance Certificates-EPCs
Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans
Measured Building Surveys